Onsite Oxygen Generator

Onsite oxygen generators offer a multitude of benefits, including significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency. With the ability to reduce oxygen costs by up to 70%, these systems provide a quick return on investment. Operating costs, influenced by factors such as oxygen purity, geographic location, and electricity expenses, typically range from as low as $0.07 per M3 / $0.18 per 100 CF to $0.11 per M3 / $0.28 per 100 CF.

Benefits of Onsite Oxygen Generating System

The advent of onsite oxygen generating systems has revolutionized various industries by eliminating the risks and hassles associated with procuring oxygen from external suppliers. Some key benefits include:

  • Cost Savings: Onsite oxygen generation can cost significantly less than procuring oxygen cylinders or cryogenic oxygen, potentially saving one third to one half per CF. The system’s installation can pay for itself within 18 months.

  • Dependability: With decades of proven technology, onsite oxygen generating systems offer reliable and straightforward operation. They utilize atmospheric air to produce oxygen, ensuring a continuous supply without the need for external deliveries.

  • Improved Safety: By eliminating the need for oxygen tank deliveries, onsite oxygen generation minimizes hazards and potential injuries associated with handling and transferring tanks.

  • Flexibility: Onsite oxygen generators can operate wherever electricity and air are available, offering unparalleled flexibility in various applications.

Applications of Oxygen Generators

Onsite oxygen generators find extensive applications across diverse industries, including:

  • Aquaculture: Enhance fish farming operations by boosting stocking densities, improving fish health, and preventing ice formation in tanks.

  • Water Treatment and Purification: Address challenges in sewage water treatment by reducing odors, controlling corrosion, and meeting wastewater purification requirements effectively.

  • Gold Mining: Optimize gold recovery processes by increasing dissolved oxygen levels in leaching processes, thereby reducing operational costs and enhancing recovery rates.

Experience the versatility and efficiency of onsite oxygen-generating systems in your industry today.