Storage & Distribution System

Storage & Distribution System

The storage and distribution system form the backbone of the entire Water for Injection (WFI) and fluid system, playing a critical role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality water to point-of-use (POU) locations. Comprising essential components such as storage tanks, distribution pumps, UV lamps, heat exchangers, and valves, this system guarantees that the pressure, flow, and temperature meet specified requirements.

Key Components:

  1. Storage Tank: Stores purified water before distribution, ensuring a constant supply for various applications.

  2. Distribution Pump: Facilitates the movement of water through the distribution network, maintaining consistent pressure and flow rates.

  3. UV Lamp: Provides additional disinfection by eliminating microorganisms in the water, enhancing overall water quality.

  4. Point of Use (POU): Ensures water is delivered directly to the intended application point, minimizing contamination risks.

  5. Heat Exchanger: Regulates water temperature to meet specific requirements, ensuring suitability for various processes.

  6. Sampling Valve: Allows for periodic water quality checks to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

  7. Diaphragm Valve: Controls the flow of water within the distribution system, enabling precise adjustments as needed.

  8. Online Monitoring Instruments: Monitor flow, pressure, temperature, conductivity, and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels in real-time, facilitating continuous quality control and microbial management through pasteurization.

The distribution system employs advanced online monitoring instruments to conduct safety assessments, real-time monitoring, and trend analysis of water quality. By ensuring optimal conditions and effective microbial control measures, this system guarantees the delivery of high-quality water for critical pharmaceutical and industrial processes. Trust Himarka for reliable and efficient Storage & Distribution Systems tailored to your specific needs.